Starlane Quick Shifter

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Ionic Shift NRG enables the driver to engage the gears without using the clutch and when the throttle is completely open, with dynamic cut-off time management per engine rpm. The advantage for the driver results in extremely short shift times, but above all in perfectly keeping the motorbike attitude in acceleration at the exit of corners since no pitch and loss of traction is triggered by the closing and reopening of the throttle.
The sensor can be easily installed on the gearbox lever or pattern rod and it is directly connected with the small central unit that can be easily installed and adjusted. The package includes: 1 Ionic NRG control unit 1 NRG sensor kit with two washers, M6 screws and spacers 1 dual lock adhesive strap fastening kit 1 supply cable from 12V vehicle battery 2 connection cables for engine cut-off 1 user’s manual.
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