Sprint Filter P08F1-85 Air Filter with Carbon Frame

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Sprint Filter has designed air filters with external carbon fiber structure to reduce weight and increase the rigidity of the structure. The filter membrane, available in P08, P037 or P08F1-85, has a larger surface than the original which, in combination with the specific permeability of the Sprint Filter materials, guarantees an unparalleled air entry into the air box. The filters are interchangeable with the original without any modification.
The uniform and compact polyester filtering element consists of a thin filament of fabric, forming a mesh of several dozen microns, capable of trapping all significant particles and ensuring a very high air flow rate. Our polyester air filter guarantees a very high air flow that neither cotton filters nor OEM paper filters can achieve. Remember this simple equation: More Air = More Power! The Sprint Filter polyester air filters retain 93.13% of 100 μ particles (Sprint Filter P08 air filter) - 91.8% of 37 μ particles (Sprint Filter P037 air filter) - 95.22% of 100 μ particles (Sprint Filter P08F1-85 air filter) versus the 76.42% of 4-layer oil-soaked cotton. Because of its uniform structure, the Sprint Filter air filter ensures less air flow disturbance, also thanks to the exclusive and patented filtering material in single-layer polyester
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