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Rizoma V7 III Proguard System Sport

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Quick Overview

The PROGUARD SYSTEM® is a safety device which protects the rider's hands, avoids accidental breakage of the lever in the event of impact and reduces air pressure against the brake control even at high speed.
Should the rider slide, this device ensures the brake lever system offers additional protection for the little finger.
The outer part features a rounded shape, making it easy to remove the hand quickly in the event of a high side.
An essential safety feature, the PROGUARD SYSTEM® is also a design feature.
Compatible with Rizoma Handlebars MA009 / MA015 / MA054 only. Adapters kit included

Rizoma V7 III Proguard System Sport


Made in Italy.


V7 III: MY 2017, MY 2018, MY 2019, MY 2020

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